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Kanye West vs. Kendrick Lamar Sunday Service - July 17, 2022

A workout is defined as “a session of vigorous exercise or training.” And this is a great thing! I enjoy my workouts 3-5 days a week. But…an experience, well that’s completely different. An experience is defined as “an event or occurrence that leaves an impression or an effect.” A workout is done when you’re done. An experience stays with you well after you’re physically done. More than a good workout, more than enjoying a fun playlist, I hope the time we shared together yesterday left you with an impression.

You may have thought you had to be either powerful or mobile; either fierce or flexible. I hope and believe that the experience we shared together Sunday left you with the confidence to own that you are both. You are powerful and determined, yet at ease and relaxed. You are Stronger like Kanye, yet Humble like Kendrick. Now that’s Balance.

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